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Organizing a Multiple-Subject Paper ( printable version here ) Many assignments will ask you to compare or contrast two (or more) different things, such as a past lifestyle and a present Try to isolate several issues to discuss. For a sample history paper, let's assume that you have decided to discuss marriage Instead, choose closely related issues; for example, you might choose to talk about marriage and child raising in both socie A. Marriage 1. The Middle Ages 2. Today B. Child Raising 1. The M.A. 2. Today As you work on the part of the paper that discusses the present, remember what you just said about the Middle Ages. You
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Unformatted text preview: Avoiding the "Two Essay" Trap There is a danger that such an essay might resemble two "mini-essays," one about marriage and the other about children. A. Middle Ages 1. Marriage 2. Child Raising B. Today 1. Marriage 2. Child Raising As you plan your own papers, decide which approach (perhaps you can come up with another approach on you own), woul Back to ' First Drafts ' Writer's Web | Writing Center | Make an Appointment | Library...
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