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“reclaim the moral high ground” “reengage with our allies on critical security issues” “reengage with those who pose a security threat to us” “restore our nation’s reputation as a moral beacon to the world” “reclaim the trust and respect of those countries whose cooperation we need but whose will we cannot compel” “restoration of the United States’ moral authority in the community of nations” respects Truman, Eisenhower, Reagan, Clinton, etc. for building strong alliances view of “military strength… as a means to protect a system of laws and institutions” is the way it was and should be. Uses much rhetoric about America’s glorious past which actually does stir up feelings of nationalism, the image of FDR bringing hope to those in Nazi- occupied Europe to come to the point that America was once loved and respected as the “good” superpower to the USSR’s “bad” superpower. >> Maybe the US is the same, just looks worse now there is no “Evil, communist” enemy against
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