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Ethics and War - Is there room for ethical concerns when it comes to issues of war and peace (right vs. might) - Just war theory as a compromise (Michael Walzer) The distinction between Jus Ad Bellum, Jus in Bello and Jus Post Bellum: - Jus Ad Bellum: justice of war (Just cause; last resort; declaration by legal authority; Proportionality; is the war winnable?) - Jus in Bello – justice in war (Discrimination / non-combatant immunity; Proportionality / double effect; Methods of conducting war; Treatment of occupied territory) - Jus Post Bellum- justice after war (what do we do after the war?) - Does it matter? “organized hypocrisy” (Krasner)
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Unformatted text preview: Is just war theory merely lip service?-War on terror: Does it merit new principles? The reading provides you with an example of one recent attempt to provide an ethical assessment of the ‘war on terror’ within the just war framework. The author uses just war theory as a basis for the assessment of US counter-terror policies and, at the same time, uses the war on terror in order to asses the utility of just war theory. The article makes a few interesting and thought provoking claims. It can be used as a good example of the type of analysis that is often utilized when making an ethical argument regarding international relations....
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