problemSet04 - ECONOMICS 100 PROBLEM SET #4 (Preparation...

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ECONOMICS 100 PROBLEM SET #4 (Preparation for Test #1) For week of November 6, 2006. You are urged to attend tutorials where the TA will answer these questions using diagrams where appropriate. The “notes on solutions” to be posted on the website this time will not include diagrams. Here are some questions to help you prepare for test number 1. They do NOT necessarily reflect the format of all (or indeed, any!) of the test questions. Look instead to the sample test posted on the website as a guide. However, if you cannot do these questions easily, there is a high probability that you will describe the test as "difficult"!! Note that we may or may not have covered Question 14 in class by the end of the lecture on October 30 th . If we have not, you can try it after the lecture on November 7 th . Indicate whether you agree or disagree with the following statements, and explain your position briefly. 1
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problemSet04 - ECONOMICS 100 PROBLEM SET #4 (Preparation...

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