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Are the ideas and policy priorities and tools that are presented in each of the two essays consistent with one theory or do they show a mixture of several approaches? Does it matter? Can we explain the differences between the two candidates based on their theoretical inclination? Choice of level of analysis? They both represent liberal and realist ideas for different things. (Give examples… incorporate into first part, obviously, not separate.) It is harder to predict what a leader will do if he’s not clearly one of the types, but with some analysis one can see that the types of things on which a leader is liberal/realist establishes a pattern (e.g. both McCain and Edwards are in favour of supranational institutions and alliances (liberal) but also look to force and the threat of force as important in maintaining world order (realist) >>> a pure liberal would consider economic interests before going to war (does that give credence to the idea that the Iraq war/ Afghanistan War is really a war over oil, not one of ideology (“Christian” nation v.
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Unformatted text preview: Muslim nation”) or the original given reason “terror” >>> 9/11, WMD. Just as they are often painted to be far too similar, both Edwards and McCain are similar in their views with very little disagreement (except on the war, which is fairly superficial, as Edwards is still in favour of keeping troops in the area) and both pay much lip service to the idea of America as a liberator (Napoleon, 1800s, same idea. Amusing, wot? Although to be entirely fair, the Absolutist monarchies of 19thC Europe were probably much nicer places than most of the middle east…) Edwards looks at what the US can do for the rest of the world (is this really an accurate foreign policy? It doesn’t seem as though it really is… it seems as though both candidates are (as should have been expected) writing what they feel people want to hear. If these are their sole plans for foreign policy they’re not really looking out for America’s best interests…...
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