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Q3 - While before I would have merely scoffed at the over...

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What are the advantages and/or disadvantages of applying these theoretical frameworks to the analysis of foreign policy? Did you find that these theories helped you in anyway to understand these essays differently or more thoroughly? If so, in what way? if not, why? Applying the theoretical frameworks really just seemed to complicate things, as neither candidate seemed to fit neatly in any of the boxes… While this is typical of life, and people seem to be picking and choosing what to believe and not to believe with almost everything these days, it does make a proper analysis difficult as we have only promises to evaluate rather than actions, which are in general much more representative of a person’s beliefs than what are essentially campaign promises.
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Unformatted text preview: While before I would have merely scoffed at the over emphasis on America’s moral superiority (which may or may not be true, especially now) I was also given the opportunity to scoff at the inconsistency between the insistence on how dependence on international cooperation was the way to bring about peace coupled with the idea that the military should be enlarged… Obviously, I read them more thoroughly because I had a paper due on them and therefore understood more thoroughly >>> knowing the politics of the historical periods out of which the various theories came and comparing them to the political atmosphere today is telling....
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