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Target Trans Fats-- Time Magazine - Target: Trans Fats How...

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Target: Trans Fats How Foodmakers Are Scrambling to Rid Their Tried-and-True Recipes of an Artery-Clogging Fat Unmesh Kher, Time Magazine 24 October 2005 There are doubtless many Oreophiles who would call a project to improve America's favorite cookie a form of heresy. None of them work for Peter Wilson, senior director of technology at Kraft Foods. Wilson and his team of food scientists and engineers have invested 30,000 hours in trying to convert the Oreo we know and love into one that tastes just like the original but is considerably less likely to clog snackers' arteries. The challenge: rid the recipe of its trans-fatty acids, a component of the fats as essential to the cookie's cream-infused crunch and texture as the circle is to its unbitten form. "We've tested over 200 recipes in 100 different trials, across 16 manufacturing lines," says Wilson. "The formulation is critical." Wilson's exertions have been matched by those of his counterparts across the packaged-food industry. A Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rule goes into effect on Jan. 1 requiring nutrition labels to include the trans-fat content of packaged foods in which it exceeds half a gram per serving. Eager to pre-empt the requirement, manufacturers--from ABC Bakers, maker of Girl Scout Cookies, to Campbell Soup Co.--have been scrambling to come up with trans-fat- free recipes for their products. Meanwhile, an anti-trans-fat movement led by public-interest groups is making waves in the $476 billion restaurant industry, pestering such fast-food giants as McDonald's and Taco Bell. New York City this summer became the first metropolis to ask its restaurants to (voluntarily) remove the offending oil from their dishes. That, as many a manufacturer will attest, is easier said than done. Trans fats are byproducts in hydrogenated oils--whose constituent fats have been chemically altered by the addition of hydrogen atoms. Those oils are loved by restaurateurs because they can be repeatedly reheated
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Target Trans Fats-- Time Magazine - Target: Trans Fats How...

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