VACATION EXERCISE - Anno tatis 19. At a Vacation Exercise...

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Anno AEtatis 19. At a Vacation Exercise in the Colledge , part Latin, part English. The Latin speeches ended, the English thus began . H Ail native Language, that by sinews weak Didst move my first endeavouring tongue to speak, And mad'st imperfect words with childish tripps , Half unpronounc't , slide through my infant- lipps , Driving dum silence from the portal dore , [ 5 ] Where he had mutely sate two years before: Here I salute thee and thy pardon ask, That now I use thee in my latter task: Small loss it is that thence can come unto thee, I know my tongue but little Grace can do thee: [ 10 ] Thou needst not be ambitious to be first, Believe me I have thither packt the worst: And, if it happen as I did forecast, The daintiest dishes shall be serv'd up last. I pray thee then deny me not thy aide [ 15 ] For this same small neglect that I have made: But haste thee strait to do me once a Pleasure, And from thy wardrope bring thy chiefest treasure; Not those new fangled toys, and triming slight Which takes our late fantasticks with delight, [ 20 ] But cull those richest Robes, and gay'st attire Which deepest Spirits, and choicest Wits desire: I have some naked thoughts that rove about And loudly knock to have their passage out;
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VACATION EXERCISE - Anno tatis 19. At a Vacation Exercise...

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