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class01 - 2130 Modern Physics...

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2130 Modern Physics http://www.colorado.edu/physics/phys2130 Instructor: Thomas Schibli [email protected] http://spot.colorado.edu/~trs/ Today’s class Why are we here…? What’s this class about ? What do we need to do ? How do we plan on doing it ? iClicker The iClicker is the University of Colorado Standard for Clickers. You will use the iClicker in some of your future classes. Your iClicker Power Indicator (lighted when on) Low Battery Indicator (<10 h left) replace 3 AAA batteries before next class On-Off Button (keep on during class) Vote Status Green on for 0.5 sec to indicates vote received Flashing Red – not received Your iClicker Put your name and contact information on your clicker so if you lose it, there is a chance it will be returned. You can put your contact information on a piece of tape on the clicker if you plan to return the iClicker in the future Your iClicker Use ONLY your iClicker! Responding with another student’s iClicker is a violation of the Honor Code and WILL be reported. But: You are encouraged to collaborate before submitting . I highly welcome and encourage discussions during the class!
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Setup your iClicker Everyday: Set clicker code to DC : Wait for 1 st clicker question to open Hold down On/Off Switch 4 seconds Flashing blue light: hit D C Type in Answer. you’re set for rest of class period DO NOT TURN OFF CLICKER FOR CLASS (or repeat above for any new clicker question) Have you used clickers in a prior class? A Yes B No You are NOT locked in to your first choice. Final answer entered will be the one accepted/graded. Why are you in this class? a) I’m interested in learning more modern physics - not required b) I’m interested, but it’s also required c) Only because the class is required d) I’m not really interested but I heard this class was better than Deal or No Deal e) Other / multiple reasons Clicker grading Performance points for each question answered Sometimes: Additional points for right answer (such as for questions on assigned reading) What will be covered in 2130? Special Relativity What happens when things go really fast Quantum Mechanics Describes the properties of really small things Topics in Relativity * Relativity before Einstein * Simultaneity * Time dilation and length contraction * Geometry of “spacetime” * Momentum, energy, and “E = mc 2 We will not study * effect on electromagnetism * gravity (general relativity)
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