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Please staple this page to the front of your homework. Name: _______________________________ 1. _____ 2. _____ 3. _____ 4. _____ 5. _____ Spring 2010 R.G. Melton AERSP 304 HW #1 (due Friday Jan. 22 at beginning of class) Notes about homework: . Staple the pages (no paperclips please). Leave some space for us to write comments. Leave a clear trail (if you continue a problem on another page, write a note). HW is considered late if handed in after class ends. Penalty is 10% per day. No HW accepted after 5 days. We will generally grade only some of the problems, but check to see if you have submitted the others. Each problem worth 10 points. NB: The problem numbers are different in the two editions of the textbook. The hardback edition is the US edition; the paperback edition has “SI edition” on the cover – it’s the international edition.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Prob. 1.8 (US); doesn’t exist in the SI edition. A train is traveling at a speed of 180 km/hr and is decelerating at 6 m/s 2 . Assuming uniform deceleration, how far will the train travel, in miles, before it stops? 2. Prob. 1.17 (US edition); 1.14 (SI edition) 3. Prob. 1.20 (US); 1.17 (SI) 4. Prob. 1.22 (US); 1.19 (SI) 5. Prob. 1.25 (US); 1.22 (SI) You do not have to use Matlab, but you must still use some type of software to create a plot according to the specifications given. No hand-drawn plots! If you use different colors to distinguish the five curves, make sure that the colors are distinguishable when printed. If you don’t have a color-printer, use different line-types to distinguish the 5 curves....
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