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NAME: ____________________________ Please staple this sheet to the top of your homework. Spring 2010 AERSP 304 HW #5 R.G. Melton (Due Friday Feb. 26 at beginning of class) (30 points) A satellite sitting atop a launch vehicle is supported by a structure that contains both elastic and damping elements. The overall system (for the vertical motion of the satellite) can be modeled as shown. In the early stages of the ascent, the upward acceleration is constant, creating the equivalent of a constant external force F acting on the satellite mass m. This force includes the effect of gravity.
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Unformatted text preview: The satellite’s vertical position within the launch vehicle is given by y . The initial conditions and system parameters are ) ( N) (23 N/m 1.7 kg 5 ) ( ) ( t u F k m y y Using Laplace xforms, find the response of this system y ( t ) for a.) c = 1.67 N s/m b.) c = 8.16 N s/m c.) Plot the results for a.) and b.) on the same graph for t = 0 to 25 s. using plotting software. Be sure to label the axes and include a legend for the two curves. Note: state the method you used to determine the inverse Laplace xforms. c k m y F...
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