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Aerospace_312_HW1 - Aerospace 312 Aerodynamics II Homework...

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Unformatted text preview: Aerospace 312 Aerodynamics II Homework Set #1 Assigned: January 20/10 Due: January 27/10 D.K. McLaughlin Rework Stokes 1st problem that was discussed in class and provide the additional analysis as described below. u = v = o for t < o At t > o u (y=o) = Vo Plate infinite in both directions in horizontal plane (a) In seeking a similarity solution assume the general form for the independent coordinate η . Substitute this form into the governing equations and reduce the equations to the form where the time dependence of the function g (t) will be established. (b) Show that the solution to this equation is: C+D are constants The governing equation for the similarity solution derived in class is: C:\Documents and Settings\dkm2\My Documents\Dkm Teaching.09‐10\A 312 Sp.10\Homework.10\Aerospace 312 HW1.doc ...
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