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Aerospace 312 –Homework Set No. 5 Assigned: March 30, 2010 D. K. McLaughlin Due: April 7, 2010 Problem 1. At the nose of a missile in flight, the pressure and temperature of the air are 5.6 atm and 850ºR, respectively. Calculate the density and specific volume for this condition. (Note: 1 atm is understood to be 1 standard atmosphere = 2216 lb/ft^2.) Problem 2. For a calorically perfect gas, derive the relation c p – c v = R. Problem 3. Our high pressure supply for the jet noise facility has two cylindrical storage tanks each of 5 ft. in diameter and 18 ft. high. Calculate the volume of each tank and the mass of air when the tanks are pressurized to 195 psig. Express your answer in both English
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Unformatted text preview: and SI units. Problem 4. Air at standard conditions enters a compressor at 75 m/s and leaves at an absolute pressure and temperature of 200 kPa and 345 K, respectively, and speed of 125 m/s. The flow rate is 1 kg/s. The cooling water around the compressor removes 18 kJ/kg of heat from the air going through the compressor. Determine the power required by the compressor. (Answer: 80 kW) Problem 5. Assume that the flow of air through a given duct is isentropic. At one point in the duct, the pressure and temperature are p 1 = 1800 lb/ft 2 and T 1 = 500 °R, respectively. At a second point, the temperature is T 2 = 400° R. Calculate the pressure and density at this second point....
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