lecturenotes - M ost humans are subject to short term...

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Most humans are subject to short term memory loss and retention issues. Memory refers to the human brain’s capacity to process, use and retain information. Memory is usually divided into three storage systems – sensory, short-term and long-term Short Term Memory or STM refers to our limitation in processing and retaining information for longer periods. STM is characterized by: - A limited capacity of holding items of information - The duration of these items lasting from 3 to 20 seconds. STM works basically the same as computer’s RAM in that it provides a working space for short computations and then transfers it to other parts of the memory system or discards it. STM is vulnerable to interruption, interference, and a drastically shorter life span. Long-Term Memory is the brain’s ability for relatively permanent storage, where information is selected based on the retention of the items from our Short Term Memory The knowledge we store in LTM affects our perceptions of the world, and influences our decisions. STM provides the foundation for LTM. In order to overcome the challenges STM presents business communicators must create documents that allow the short term memories of consumers to be converted into long term ones. 1. If STM were allowed to prevail consumers would not remember important details of a product or service. As a result, businesses would be unable to depend on customers’ loyalty, unless they communicated in a fashion that helps convert their consumers’ STM into LTM.
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2. If STM were allowed to prevail, it would cause multiple problems with the action orientation of business documents. Readers of business documents would be unable to perform tasks based on the information given in these documents, unless they were somehow able to transfers the STM into LTM. In order to mitigate the effects of STM and to convert the consumer’s STM into LTM, business and technical writers use the devices of Precis… Our English word precise comes from the same root as the French word précis, and the nutshell statement or precise is a precise and concise restatement of an original
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lecturenotes - M ost humans are subject to short term...

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