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enc 1102 research paper - The Cuban Adjustment Act of 1996:...

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The Cuban Adjustment Act of 1996: How a New Policy Will Alter the U.S. Immigration Policy and Eliminate Injustice Isn’t America the “Land of the Free” and the melting pot of the world? We are a nation of immigrants and to not accept immigrants is to let down people who hope for a better tomorrow in another land. Everyone in America is an immigrant or an ancestor of an immigrant. The only real Americans are Native Americans. Being an individual from Miami, especially a Cuban one, I am well aware of the Wet Foot Dry Foot Policy or the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1996 (CAA) and have been personally affected by it. It is an issue of great controversy and an unjust one at that. I would like to eliminate the CAA and allow an equal opportunity for other immigrants to gain residency in the United States through a limited period which would allow immigration in the United States for those who undergo economic as well as political hardships. Therefore, I propose a just policy which will promote new opportunities and allow for people to pursue happiness in a new nation. I propose that Congress pass a law allowing a limited period of time in which it can establish an open door policy for all incoming immigrants. I also propose that the United States military live up to its standards and help countries who are deeply in need. If these two proposals are accepted and accomplished than there will be more opportunities for those in need, less people dying trying to reach our shores and borders, and less immigration. If people of other countries are satisfied with their countries conditions and feel no need to migrate then the immigration influx will be less. No one wishes to leave their homeland. The homeland where they feel patriotism towards, where one’s family resides. It is of ethical and moral standards that
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the United States allows more immigration and aids other countries in need. Immigrants are what make up this country. Other approaches such as fighting against Cuba or other undemocratic countries to change their ways will not solve anything. We cannot enforce something but rather offer a helping hand. People die at sea because of the CAA. They risk their lives to be sometimes sent back to poverty. These freedom seekers do not deserve this. This is a problem for Cubans and all other immigrants who do not even have the opportunity to set foot on American soil without being returned to their homeland. But where is home really? Home is where one could survive and not be persecuted. Cuba is not a decent home for many and that is why many people have risked their lives to live with rights that every human should have such as the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press. Some of these freedoms are taken for granted because many were born with these freedoms. Others are less fortunate. People that do not undergo the hardships first hand do not know what it is to live in poverty. According to "US Immigration Support" the CAA “…allows those who reach dry land in
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enc 1102 research paper - The Cuban Adjustment Act of 1996:...

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