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eng description of a photograph

eng description of a photograph - A Young Pirate in Despair...

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A Young Pirate in Despair The world is ending as we speak. The Mayans were correct. This supposed God is punishing us for our wrongful doings. If these are not the causes for the earthquake in Haiti I do not know what is. Is mother nature mad at us because we’re using up all her fossil fuels and not recycling our plastic Zephyrhills bottles? How malevolent can mother nature be to pick the nation of Haiti to undergo such tragedy? They say pictures are worth a thousand words, well, this picture is worth much more than words can begin to describe. It brings about feelings of horror, empathy, and sorrow. A child sits outside a hospital in Port-au-Prince Haiti. He faces the camera to show the world a disaster that reflects his one eye. His age is unknown but his innocence is obvious in his perhaps six or seven years. However, what innocence can remain after being part of such calamity? His mouth and face are covered with blood or the remnants of what once was fluid blood. It had turned a crusty black covering all his face. His mouth is open perhaps because he is impaired from the
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