eng this i believe - Beauty is a Bald Head I dedicate this...

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Beauty is a Bald Head I dedicate this essay to my mother. Beauty. So many of us try to achieve it, yet how many actually pursue inner beauty? I believe beauty comes from within. Matter of fact I know beauty comes from within. That smile is not a stunning smile unless you truly feel elated. If I were a god I would make people hovering brains, where the only things that factor in as beautiful are ideas and empathetic feelings. No, not the blood and guts, but the selflessness and the perseverance. The world can be so shallow. “Who are you wearing?” “Wow I lost 20 pounds on Jenny Craig!” We can blame this superficiality on the media that puts so much pressure on people to look skinny and flawless. Yet, how can we try to achieve this perfection when even celebrities wear heaps of make up to hide their flaws and supermodels are ‘photoshoped’ onto the pages of magazines. Therefore, beauty is an intangible thing. It does not go deeper than flesh and bone because flesh and bone does not factor in at all. What a world this is when we overlook intelligence and make beauty our first priority. So, Cosmopolitan keep your magazines and your lies! I don’t want to be a part of this superficial world. I’ve seen so many people lament the fact that
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they’re too stout or they have a gut. We’re not statues. We’re not artwork in a museum. If we want to evolve into something much more than primitive animals,
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eng this i believe - Beauty is a Bald Head I dedicate this...

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