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HW#10a Word problems and conceptual problems are very important. Page 1 of 1 Word problems and conceptual problems are very important. Webassign do not grade those word problems automatically, but those can be in exams and quizzes. Include those key words highlighted here! Problem 1, A basketball player dribbles a ball with a steady period of T seconds. Is the motion of the ball periodic? yes Is it simple harmonic? yes Key: The motion is periodic because it is repetitive. It is not simple harmonic, however, because the position and velocity of the ball do not vary sinusoidally with time. Also simple harmonic motion has a restoring force, F, which is always proportional to the displacement away from equilibrium ( x). The force and (acceleration in that motion direction) varies sinusoidally with time as well. But here when the ball is in air, the total force is only mg, not changing with time or displacement. Problem 2. A person rides on a Ferris wheel that rotates with constant angular speed. If the Sun is directly
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