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Name _________________________________ Tax Research Spring 2010 In-Class Exercise #1 (5 points) “Reality Check” Solution Please respond to the following questions to the best of your ability. 1. Sarah (not in the loan business) loaned William $10,000 two years ago. During the current year, William declared bankruptcy. For the current year, Sarah also received $50,000 in wages and recognized a $6,000 STCG. What is Sarah’s AGI for the year? $10,000 is a non-business bad debt = STCL. She can deduct $6,000 against her STCG and another $3,000 against her wages. AGI = 50,000 + 6,000 – 9,000 = $47,000. She has a $1,000 STCL carryforward 2. Robert’s at-risk basis in Activity A at the beginning of 2008 is $30,000. During 2009 he has a passive loss from Activity A of $35,000, and passive income from Activity B of $20,000. How much of Activity A’s loss can Robert deduct in 2009? $20,000. 3. Complete the following Table: Questions General Partnership S Corporation C Corporation Who Pays tax on the entity’s income? Partners or the Partnership Shareholders or the Corporation Shareholders or the Corporation Are operating losses passed through to owners? YES
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In_Class_Assignment_1_Reality_Check_Solution - Name _ Tax...

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