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Worksheet_Five - citation of applicable authority(see...

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Tax Research Worksheet #5 Spring 2010 Due: March 22, 2010 Schmitt 15 points ______________________________________________________________________ Instructions: Each student should turn in the assignment separately. You may discuss the assignment with classmates regarding solution strategy, etc. However, I will be expecting independently prepared solutions. The assignment is due at the beginning of class; however, keep a copy because we will be discussing the cases in class. Assignments should be typed (and spell-checked). All answers should include proper
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Unformatted text preview: citation of applicable authority (see Appendix B of book). 1) Chapter 9, Research Case #64 2) Chapter 9, Research Case #76 Note: you do not need to respond to this in memo form. Also, I believe that #2 would be much easier if you use CCH. They have a relatively easy to use state tax library and for those of you have not used CCH this would be a “pleasant” way to get more familiar. And for this assignment ONLY it is okay to quote CCH or RIA explanations for #2 since this is just factual information as opposed to interpretation of authority....
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