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Tax Research Worksheet #4 S p r i n g 2 0 1 0 Due: March 15, 2010 S c h m i t t 1 5 p o i n t s Your firm has a client, an Austrian, named Werner Hoppe. Werner visited his brother Klaus, who had immigrated to the United States six years ago and resides in Dallas, Texas. At the time of the visit, Werner was under contract to an Austrian soccer team and was expected to return to the team to begin play for the fall 2008 season. Werner’s brother Klaus had fallen in love with American football and had become an enthusiastic fan of the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys had recently lost their regular kicker to an injury, and a replacement, picked up on waivers, proved to be less than satisfactory. Knowing of Werner’s kicking ability Klaus was convinced that Werner could help the Cowboys if given an opportunity. Klaus took Werner to a Cowboys workout and introduced him to the kicking coach. As a result, Werner was given a tryout by the Cowboys, who were desperate for a good kicker. Werner’s performance was far superior to others at the tryout,
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