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Tax Research Group Presentation #1 Spring 2010 Due: February 15, 2010 S c h m i t t 20 points Each Group is responsible for the following: 1) Write a one-page brief of your assigned case(s). 2) Determine the current status of the case using Westlaw, CCH and/or RIA’s Citator feature. This research will be included in your 3) Give a 15-20 minute presentation (accompanied by PowerPoint slides) that includes two distinct parts: a) Explain the facts of the case, the court’s decision and the court’s reasoning b) Explain the current status of the case and its relevance to doing research today. Note, these are called benchmark cases for a reason. They all helped establish important doctrine however they may have been expanded, superseded, or limited by subsequent congressional or judicial action. I strongly recommend that you consult editorial materials (e.g. explanations in RIA or CCH, commentaries in tax journals, etc…) in order to determine the significance of the case today. ALL GROUP MEMBERS SHOULD HAVE A SPEAKING ROLE.
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Benchmark_Case_Presentation_Spring_2010 - Tax Research...

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