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Victor Marotta Analysis of Social Problems Professor Harvey Feb 7, 2007 AMERICA’S OUTSOURCING ADDICTION There have been an increasing number of American jobs being moved oversees that has created a social problem here in the United States. The method of outsourcing is quite beneficial for the industry itself partaking in it, but extremely unfair to those who work on the lower tier of those industries. People question why companies do it if it hurts so many people financially in America. It comes down to a comparison of worth to the company, and to most, money is worth more than the lives of American people. When in cutthroat competition, any edge a company can obtain to increase profit margins will be taken. Nike, for example, currently has a 47% market share of the domestic footwear industry, with sales of $3.77 billion. Nike has been manufacturing throughout the Asian region for over twenty-five years, and there are over 500,000 people today directly engaged in the production of their products. They use an outsourcing strategy, using only
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