HW_1_S10[1] - AEM 2100 Spring 2010 Homework 1 Name Section...

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AEM 2100 Name: _________________ Spring 2010 Section: Homework 1 This assignment is due next week in your section. Please put your answers on a separate piece of paper with your name and section listed on the top. 1.) What is the scale of measurement for each of the following variables? a.) Student IQ rating. b.) Distance students travel to class. c.) Student scores on the first statistics test. d.) A classification of students by state of birth. e.) A ranking of students by freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior. f.) Number of hours students study per week. 2.) The following data represent the breakdown of the price of a new college textbook: Revenue Categories Percentage Publisher 64.8 Manufacturing costs 32.3 Marketing and Promotion 15.4 Administrative costs and taxes 10.0 After-tax profit 7.1 Bookstore 22.4 Employee salaries and benefits 11.3 Operations 6.6 Pretax profit 4.5 Author 11.6 Freight 1.2 Source: Extracted from T. Lewin, “When Books Break the Bank,” The New York Times, September 16, 2003, pp. B1, B4. a.) Using the four categories (publisher, bookstore, author and freight) construct a Pareto diagram. b.) Using the four subcategories of publisher and three subcategories of bookstore along with the author and freight categories, construct a Pareto chart. c.)
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HW_1_S10[1] - AEM 2100 Spring 2010 Homework 1 Name Section...

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