HW1s09[1] - AEM 2100 Spring 2009 Homework 1 1.) Name: _...

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AEM 2100 Name: _________________ Spring 2009 Section: Homework 1 1.) Suppose that the following information is obtained from Cathy Theo on her application for a home mortgage loan at the North Jersey State Bank. a.) Place of Residence: Morristown, New Jersey b.) Type of Residence: Condominium c.) Date of Birth: August 13, 1966 d.) Projected Monthly Payments: $1,526 e.) Occupation: Director of Promotional Sales f.) Employer: Venus Candy Company g.) Number of Years at Job: 7 h.) Annual Income: $91,000 i.) Amount of Mortgage Requested: $120,000 j.) Term of Mortgage: 25 years For each of these responses, indicate whether it is a quantitative or qualitative variable and which type of measurement scale it represents. 2.) One of the major measures of the quality of service provided by any organization is the speed with which it responds to customer complaints. A large family-held department store selling furniture and flooring including carpeting underwent a major expansion in the past several years. Specifically, the flooring department expanded from 2 installation crews to an installation supervisor, a measurer, and 15 installation crews. During a recent year there were 50 complaints concerning carpeting installation. The following data represent the number of days between
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HW1s09[1] - AEM 2100 Spring 2009 Homework 1 1.) Name: _...

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