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Estate Planning Fall 2008 Intergenerational Transfer of Business Interests Written Assignment and Questions for Discussion The following assignment is due at or before the start of class on November 17. You may send your assignment by email or bring it to class. Your answers will not be graded but the fact that you submitted the assignment will be recorded . Planning for the transfer of an ownership interest on death [or in anticipation of death] is an extremely complicated area of estate planning. Ken Knox owns a business which he hopes to grow in the coming years.
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Unformatted text preview: He also harbors some hope that one or more of his children and his son-in-law may be interested in working with him in the business and perhaps taking over someday. From the information you have about Ken and his family’s situation, please identify three issues that Ken should be thinking about or problems he should be concerned with as he plans for the future of his business and its disposal at his death. Please explain briefly why you identify the issues that you do. This need not be a lengthy analysis as long as it is thoughtful in its scope....
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