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Estate Planning Fall, 2008 Assignment #3 Questions for Discussion September 29 Please answer the following questions to be turned in before class on September 29. It is a good idea to make an extra copy of your answers because we will discuss this material in class and your papers will not be returned. Your answers will not be graded but the fact that you submitted the assignment will be recorded . Questions very much like this will appear on the final exam. Forms and publications available at the IRS website can provide you with the specific information like tax rates that you need to complete this assignment . www.irs.treas.gov Please do NOT use commercial tax preparation software since
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Unformatted text preview: you may not do so on the final exam. Using Excel or other spreadsheet software is okay. 1. What assets are included in Ken's gross estate? List the assets and show their value for estate tax purposes. 2. If Ken were to die tomorrow, how much estate tax would be owed to the federal government? Please show your calculations. 3. What assets are included in Holly's gross estate? 4. If Ken were to predecease Holly and she were to subsequently die without doing any further estate planning, how much estate tax would be owed the federal government at Holly's death? Please show your calculations....
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