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assign_2_08[1] - listed personal property house $15,000...

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Estate Planning Fall, 2008 Questions for Discussion September 22 YOU DO NOT NEED TO SUBMIT ANSWERS TO ME Will provisions I leave my Yahoo stock to Beth. I leave my house to Lynn. I leave $20,000 payable from my life insurance policy to Jeff. I leave $4,000 each in cash to Sam and Dave. I leave the remainder of my estate to my husband, Peter. What happens in each of these situations? Estate #1
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Unformatted text preview: : listed personal property, house, $15,000 insurance policy, $6,000 cash. Beth: Lynn: Jeff: Sam: Dave: Peter: Estate #2 : listed personal property, no house, no insurance and $100,000 in bank accounts. Beth: Lynn: Jeff: Sam: Dave: Peter: Estate #3 : $100,000 in Netscape stock, $100,000 insurance policy and $400,000 in bank. Beth: Lynn: Jeff: Sam: Dave: Peter:...
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