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Estate Planning Fall, 2008 Assignment #1 Written Assignment and Questions for Discussion September 8 Please outline answers to the following questions and forward them to me by noon on Thursday, September 4. Chapters 1 and 2 of the text may be helpful in preparing this assignment. Your answers will not be graded but the fact that you submitted the assignment will be recorded . Since this is the beginning of the semester, you are not expected to necessarily have the "right" answers; rather your thoughtful review of the materials is important. Please send me your thoughts by e-mail [[email protected]], or hard copy to 114 Warren Hall. [Slide it under the door if I am not around]. Fax: 255-9984 -- be sure my name and room number are prominently displayed or a fax may not reach my office.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Ken and Holly Knox have provided you with information about their family situation and their finances. What additional factual information, if any, would you like to have before making even preliminary recommendations regarding their estate plan? 2. After reviewing the results of the first interview with Ken and Holly, are there any questions that you need answered before making any suggestions about their planning? You need not repeat anything noted in response to the first question above. 3. Are there any issues that impress you as being more important than others in the Knox situation? If so, what are they? 4. What do you think the next step should be in working with the Knoxes?...
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