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Unformatted text preview: ARME 210 An Easy and Powerful Way to Present Datadesk Outputs Data Desk is excellent for statistical calculations and producing graphical representations of those outputs. But, it is not set up specifically to be a presentational type of software. This handout shows you how to move a series of output windows from Data Desk into MS Word. From here, your ability to write descriptions, add labels or titles and lay out your work in a professional manner is greatly improved. This may be particularly helpful when writing-up your project. Datadesk Presentation Method. The instructions for producing a layout within Datadesk and printing are included within the Data Desk Section instructions in the ARME 210 packet. To summarize, a layout window must be opened and individual graphs either dragged into it or copied and pasted using the edit function. Only a single comment box can be added to this layout window. To add more comments or titles, comment boxes have to be filled in for the respective graphs before they are...
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