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ARME 210 September 2000 A Beginner’s Guide to Statistics on the TI-83 Calculator This guide is designed for those who have never used a TI-83 Calculator for statistical work before or those who only have minimal experience. Often, there is more than one way to perform certain operations on the TI-83. But in these notes, we present the most simple and intuitive way that you will be able to use in your exams or sections. For further, more advanced, functions and explanation there is always the calculator manual or one of the several TI-83 statistics books available. Before going on, you should note the button that will always be able to take you out of trouble, the QUIT button ( SHIFT – MODE ). Entering Data From your ‘Home’ Screen, the normal calculating screen you see when you turn on, press STAT. Press ENTER to go to the ‘Edit’ section and a number of blank lists should appear. To enter data, highlight the dashed lines of a list, e.g. L1, type in a number and press the DOWN key or ENTER to do to the next number. To enter data in a second list, press the RIGHT key. Deleting Data For individual data points, highlight over the value and type your correction (pressing DELETE shifts all the data below up, which can only be reversed by pressing INSERT (2 nd DELETE). For whole data series, highlight the list heading (e.g. L1) press CLEAR and push DOWN. Unless the DOWN button is pushed, the data will remain. Basic Descriptive Statistics Once you have your data set entered into the TI-83, you can easily find a number of basic descriptive statistics using one simple function. 1. Press STAT. 2. Press RIGHT once to highlight CALC. 3. Press ENTER on ‘1-Var Stats’ and the term should appear in your Home Screen. 4. Press 2 nd 1 to enter L1 as the data series you are trying to describe and press ENTER. 5. Now on your Home Screen there should appear the following statistics:
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2 The mean The Sum of the Data Values The Sum of the Squared Data Values Sample Standard Deviation Population Standard Deviation The Number of Data Points in the Series The Five Number Summary In order to find Sample Variance or Population Variance just square the relevant standard deviation. NOTE : Beware! The five number summary uses a different method to find the first quartile value and the third quartile value than that which is used in your packet. You should think of these values as a guide to ensure you have the right answer. Sorting Data
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ARME 210 GUIDE TO TI83 - ARME 210 September 2000 A...

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