ARME 210 GUIDE TO TI83 PART II - ARME 210 A Beginners Guide...

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ARME 210 A Beginner’s Guide to Statistics on the TI-83 Calculator Part II Binomial Probability Earlier in this guide, instruction was given as to how to use the TI-83 for factorial calculations. It is also possible to use the TI-83 to fully calculate binomial probabilities. Consider the binomial probability distribution formula: P ( X = x ) = x n p x (1 - p ) n - x Here we want to find the probability of ‘x’ discrete successes out of ‘n’ possible outcomes. ‘p’ is the probability of success each time. Steps : 1. From the Home Screen go to the Distribution Screen. Press 2 nd VARS. 2. Scroll down to ‘Binompdf’ and press ENTER or press 0. “binompdf(“ will now appear on your Home Screen. 3. Type in n, p, x and a final parenthesis such that you have the equivalent of binompdf (n, p, x) in your calculator, remembering to separate terms by commas. Then press ENTER. 4. Your binomial probability of x successes in n attempts with a probability of success in each attempt being p will now be displayed. Note: If you want to work out the probability of 2 or more different numbers of successes you can replace x with a list of x’s contained within these particular brackets { }. These can be found by using “2 nd (“ and “2 nd )” respectively. E.g. binompdf (n, p, {x 1 , x 2 }) will give you two probabilities for x 1 and x 2 successes respectively. Example
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ARME 210 GUIDE TO TI83 PART II - ARME 210 A Beginners Guide...

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