SYLLABUS_201_F08 - COURSE SYLLABUS, CHE 201-05-06, S08 DR....

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1 COURSE SYLLABUS, CHE 201-05-06, S08 DR. T.W. McCREARY Blackburn 410A 809-6499 OFFICE HOURS: MWThF 10-11 am Other times by appointment E-mail When emailing please include “CHE 201” in the SUBJECT or your email may be rejected as spam. Fine Print : A syllabus is a legal contract between you and the instructor. It is to your advantage to be familiar with it. A $25 checkout fee will be assessed if you check into lab and don't check out. Are you planning to take CHE 202? The CHE 202 final is comprehensive over both CHE 201 and 202. A student found in POSSESSION of a wireless communication device or a device for playing audio recordings (e.g., telephone, computer, MP3 player) during an examination shall be deemed to be engaged in academic dishonesty and shall be penalized according to Section XI. I. Course Title: General College Chemistry II. Catalog Description: A thorough course in inorganic chemistry emphasizing atomic structure, stoichiometry, periodic classification, chemical bonding, states of matter, and nuclear chemistry. Three lectures, two hours of laboratory, and two hours of recitation per week. Five credit hours. III. Purpose: To provide background for a continued study of chemistry. To provide thinking, learning, and problem- solving skills applicable to other sciences. IV. Course Objective: To attain a level of understanding of basic chemistry such that the student can satisfactorily complete and understand the content of subsequent chemistry courses (CHE 202 etc.). V. Content Outline: (tentative) Chapter 1 Chemistry: The Study of Change 2 Atoms, Molecules, and Ions 3 Mass Relationships in Chemical Reactions First Examination, Chapters 1, 2, part of 3 (140 pts) 4 Reactions in Aqueous Solutions 5 Gases Second Examination, Chapters 3, 4, 5 (150 pts) 6 Thermochemistry 7 Quantum Theory and Electronic Structure 8 Periodic Relationships Third Examination, Chapters 6, 7, 8 (150 pts) 9 Chemical Bonding I 10 Chemical Bonding II Fourth Examination, Chapters 9, 10 (110 pts)
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SYLLABUS_201_F08 - COURSE SYLLABUS, CHE 201-05-06, S08 DR....

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