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Victor Marotta Social Problems Assignment #3 March 11 th , 2008 GATES AGAINST OUTSOURCING Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates expressed his concerns on outsourcing to a group of Japan's top businessmen in a speech in Tokyo back in 2005. Gates used the extension method of frame alignment to convey social significance in what he was saying. Gates, who was speaking at the Nippon Keidanren-known as the Japan Business Federation- Japan's biggest and most influential business group, said companies should beware of outsourcing too much to save costs and to “keep their key engineering resources and IP at home.” Gates also emphasized that relying too much on other countries and people often leads to nonproductive results.
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Unformatted text preview: These results are due not only to the outsourcing of manufacturing, but of their “brains,” where ideas and innovation stem from. A perhaps better solution would be to invest more in home-based development and research to create an advantage against other companies, rather than cutting costs in these areas to finance outsourcing sites. While outsourcing can cut overall costs, it also cuts quality. While India and China are moving faster then ever global market through training their engineers at home, the U.S. and Japan can simply not keep up in cutting-edge technology with their method of outsourcing. The most famous disputes regarding outsourcing were made known in the mid nineties when large companies such as Nike,...
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