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Homework Guidelines - 1 Virginia Tech Bradley Department of...

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1 Virginia Tech Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering ECE-3574: Applied Software Engineering * Fall 2010 Homework Guidelines Submission Details You must submit the solutions for your homework as an electronic submissions using Scholar (under ECE3574 → Assignments → Homework X) The submission must be a gzipped tar file (.tar.gz) with your source code. Include all necessary project files, but no binary or compiled files. Your program will be run to evaluate its correctness, and the source code will be reviewed for adherence to the Qt programming style. Your program must run on Ubuntu 8.10 and compile/build using the GNU C/C++ compiler and the qmake/make tools. The following information must be included at the top of each of your source files as comments: your full name, your student ID number, your email address, class (ECE 3574), and the title of the assignment (Homework X). The submitted file must be given a name in the following form: LAST_FIRST_hwX.tar.gz where LAST is your last or family name and FIRST is your first or given name. You are only allowed to make one submission for each assignment. Paper, email or Drop Box submissions will not be accepted. All work must be submitted by the announced due date/time. Late submissions will not be accepted! (Don't do it! You have been warned!) Questions Each homework will have a forum in the Discussion Board area of the class web site. You
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Homework Guidelines - 1 Virginia Tech Bradley Department of...

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