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English 10050 Victor Marotta Paper #1 Professor Taylor SHARE YOUR CELLS In a world filled with constantly improving science and medicine , ideas considered “unethical” are surely to arise . In “The Made-to-Order Savior ,” author Lisa Belkin tells the story of two families that would benefit tremendously from a controversial procedure yielding much criticism from ethicists . Children Molly Nash and Henry Strongin-Goldberg both suffer from Fanconi Anemia , a crippling disease that requires a bone-marrow transplant with a perfectly matched donor . A new process called in-vitro fertilization , would guarantee a newborn to be a perfect match . Such a process , determined by picking and choosing, brought into question whether it is ethical to breed a child merely for its “parts .” Obviously conceiving babies strictly for their parts is unethical and could get out of control , but there certainly needs to be some sort of policy in place to allow lives to be saved and everyone to be satisfied . The government must institute a fair and safe regime to take advantage of the technology available to us . There are a number of crucial factors that must be recognized and worked with in order for safe manipulation of nature . “The Made-To-Order-Savior” scenario is a tricky one because allowing the procedure to go ahead could open a Pandora's box , with parents eventually being able to select embryos for physical characteristics or athletic ability
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paper#1 - English 10050 Victor Marotta Paper #1 Professor...

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