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SampleMidterm1 - 9 Communes as early developers 10...

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SAMPLE MID-TERM EXAM Department of Political Science Political Science 211 In-class Midterm Exam Follow instructions for each part, please. You can write the exam in either English or French. Respond to each part of the exam. Each part is of equal weight, so organize your time and responses accordingly. Part One (50%). I dentify, and discuss the importance for comparative analysis of, five (5) items below. Please indicate by number the items you choose. 1. Parliamentary sovereignty 2. podesta’ 3. Bonapartism 4. Uprising of February 1848 5. The Irish question 6. Third Republic 7. Tony Blair 8. Constitutive principles (of a governance system)
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Communes as early developers 10. Institutions as consequences and causes Part Two (50%) . Answer one question. In your answer, please be sure to provide empirical illustrations and examples. 1. How does the power of the British prime minister compare with that of the French president (after 1958)? 2. Why some observers thought Britain was “ungovernable” in the 1970s? 3. Why does France have a centralized system of government and administration ? 4. Why did Labour defeat the Conservatives in 1997? 5. Why Harold Berman places in sharp relief the Italian city states?...
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