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Colonial East Africa under Lugard

Colonial East Africa under Lugard - Modern History...

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Modern History Sourcebook: Capt. F. D. Lugard: The Rise of Our East African Empire, 1893 Facts about Lugard Capt. F. D. Lugard was a british soldier, explorer and colonial administrator. Colonial Power and profit For Lugard, it was vital that Britain gain control of unclaimed areas before Germany, Portugal, or France claimed the land and its resources for themselves. There was an incentive to seek new markets because of these rivalries, competition and tariffs from European countries. His view of colonialism was that “noble dependencies” were made and that they were “capable of dealing with native races and developing new countries”. He realized that there were vast profits to be made through the exporting of resources like rubber and through taxation of native populations, as well as importers and exporters. Expenditures according to him would be repaid by the eventual success of the colonies In addition, these resources and inexpensive native labour (slavery having
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