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Conference 4 readings - Poli Sci 227: Conference 4 Reading...

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Poli Sci 227: Conference 4 Reading Notes: BBC News: Interactive Map: Urban Growth: -In 1955, North America and Europe are the most urbanized regions on the map. Urban growth is fastest in Latin America and Africa during this period. -1965: The world's urban population has passed the 1 billion mark. In Africa and Asia, urbanization is at their peak. Latin America's urbanization has slowed down. Although Asia's urbanized population is only at 20%, it has more urban dwellers than Europe. -1975: Asia's urbanization growth slowed slightly due to China's Cultural Revolution, which forced urban-rural migration in the 1970's. In African and oil rich Gulf nations, cities are smaller, but some are growing rapidly. -1985: In the 80's, Asia sees a resurgence in growth as urbanization picks up speed in China. Globally, growth rates have slowed as in Latin America, but remain high in Africa. There are 2 billion urban dwellers worldwide. The world's biggest city, Tokyo, has reached 30 million people. -1995: Urban growth continues to slow worldwide during this time, with the collapse of communism in Russia. (Population declines in several former Soviet and Eastern European countries). In 1995, a larger percentage of people in Latin America live in cities than do in Europe. -2005: The world's population is expected to have crossed the 50% urban threshold by 2010. By 2005, most industrial countries' urban-rural balance is stabilizing at 70- 80% urban. The small amount of countries with annual urban growth rates above 5% are poorer African and Asian countries, which are facing conflict or political change. -2015: Between 2015 and 2020, the world's urban population is expected to hit 4 billion
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Conference 4 readings - Poli Sci 227: Conference 4 Reading...

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