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Failed States Index 2009 - Failed States Index 2009 should...

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Failed States Index 2009 ( should read all the articles first, many details are left out here – this is an overview) Look at the map online to get an overview of the maps and rankings - The failed states index tries to determine which countries are worst off - A reoccurring issue is which countries need the help most from the international community, and how does one decide? - One of the biggest is determining what defines a failing and failed state Danger ahead - Zimbabwe and Sudan have consistently been at the top of the list Countries that are failing/ becoming failed states 2008: 1. Cameroon - the president, Paul Biya, changed the constitution to prolong his half century of rule, protests and riots - refugees are flooding over the northern border with Chad - Declining prices for timber and other commodities have resulted in $630 million in corporate losses since the downturn began, and most of the country's planned mining, hydropower, and agriculture projects are in jeopardy 2. Guinea - President Conte died, a coup d’etat in 2008, now vague stability with new military president Moussa Dadis Camara - Guinean soldiers of rampant thievery, with raids on citizens' offices and homes - Drug trafficking 3. Yemen - Saudi al Qaeda members, viewing Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh as too weak to prevent them from organizing and training, have poured in - Population growth is pushing unemployment through the roof - Dire economy 4. Ethiopia and Eritrea - Ethiopia and Eritrea, bitter enemies, borders are still militarized from conflict a decade ago - Ethiopia: influx of Somali refugees, skyrocketing food prices - Eritrea: Malnourishment, huge exporter of refuges from military draft 5. Guinea-Bissau - becoming Africa's first narcostate ( huge drug market)
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- street value of cocaine seized there in 2007 equaled a whopping 25 percent of the small country's GDP, and state security forces are believed to be complicit in the trade The Whiplash Effect global financial crisis commodity prices jumped off the charts, rendering food and other necessities
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Failed States Index 2009 - Failed States Index 2009 should...

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