Poll sees hope in West-Islam Ties

Poll sees hope in West-Islam Ties - the Islamic world.-In...

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Poll sees hope in West-Islam ties BBC News - Most people believe common ground exists between the West and the Islamic world despite current global tensions In a survey of people in 27 countries, an average of 56% said they saw positive links between the cultures - Yet 28% of respondents told questioners that violent conflict was inevitable - 52% said they were a result of political disputes and 58% said minority groups stoked tensions - Only in one country, Nigeria, where Christian and Muslim groups often clash violently, did a majority of those polled (56%) cite religious and cultural differences between communities as the root cause of conflict. - Another country in conflict: Lebanon - 78% of Lebanese strongly believed West-East tensions were politically motivated, while 68% felt common ground could be found between the West and
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Unformatted text preview: the Islamic world.-In general, Most expressed the belief that ongoing clashes could be resolved without violent conflict except Indonesia where 51% said violence was inevitable-The most positive respondents came from Western nations, with 78% of Italians, 77% of Britons and 73% of Canadians saying it is possible to find common ground.-Many blamed intolerant minorities for fuelling disputes and disagreements.-Some 39% of all respondents said minorities on both sides were to blame.-Just 12% said mainly Muslim minorities were to blame, and only 7% pointed the finger at Western fringe groups. -There is a sense that these issue are about power and politics, not culture an civilizations This is the basic idea, to read the full report, skim over BBC poll results online (18 pages in point form already)...
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