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What Clash of Civilisations

What Clash of Civilisations - What Clash of Civilizations...

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“What Clash of Civilizations” Amartya Sen - Stereotyping cultures and societies is particular damaging as it depicts them as narrow and unrepresentative of the culture itself - Human being have many different identities, and we should not judge them exclusively by certain aspects such as religion, which can extremely harmful to race relations ( ex. Muslims known for many things other than a connection with Islam as individuals) - This single dimensional judgment is often the source of discrimination and violence - Sen takes issue with Samuel Huntington’s categorization and division of different civilizations; especially the emphasis on religious divide between civilizations - People of the world can be classified into many different categories other than religion - The problem is that by defining this “clash” of civilizations, it assumes that civilizations lack diversity within them, thus painting them black and white -
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