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Andrew Moravcsik - Europe Without Illusions The central error of the European constitutional framers was one of style and symbolism rather than substance -EU constitution contained a set of modest reforms, in tune with popular preferences. However, the error was in dressing up these modest reforms as a ‘grand scheme for constitutional revision and popular democratization of the EU’. -The EU has ideals centred in “civilian power”, so they should be presented to the citizens that way. The EU remains the most successful experiment in political institution-building since WWII. -But we must recognize that the EU can neither aspire to replace nation states nor seek democratic legitimacy the same way nations do. There are three related motivations that have dominated every EU election in history: 1. Ideological extremism – the ‘centre’ supported the EU, while the extreme left and right did not. 2. Protest voting against unpopular governments. 3. A reaction against the insecurity felt by poorer Europeans (seen as most important motivation by the author) – fears of unemployment, labour market reform, globalization, privatization and consolidation of the welfare state. Today, these concerns are often merged with the perceived economic and cultural threat posed by Muslim countries. What lesson should the EU take away from the reaction of the
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EuropeWithoutIllusions - Andrew Moravcsik - Europe Without...

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