How David Beat Goliath

How David Beat Goliath - How David Beat Goliath A really...

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How David Beat Goliath A really great article – I recommend reading it even just for fun Author introduces Vivek Ranadive, a man from Mumbai who took on the task of coaching his daughter Angali’s basketball team even though he had never played Basketball let alone coach. The team was a muddle of blonde girls from rich neighbourhoods with absolutely no talent. Ranadive from an outsider’s perspective of basketball developed a technique where the girls would ‘presse’ the whole game (basketball term for keeping everyone on the oppositions side of the court rather than falling back to your own). Because the opposing teams who were faster, stronger, more coordinated were not expecting the technique, and because Ranadives team pushed all the time with everything they had, the team was able to successfully win almost all their games and won a few championships despite the odds. He then considers the way T.E. Lawrence (or, as he is better known, Lawrence of Arabia) let the revolt against the Ottoman Army occupying Arabia near the end of the First World War. He led the Bedouins, unskilled, unequipped, untrained nomads who hadn’t the first clue how to launch a war. They were taking on an army twice the size and expected to win. The author explains that had Lawrence led his troops to the front with the enemy, they would have been killed indefinitely by the force and size of the
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How David Beat Goliath - How David Beat Goliath A really...

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