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micklethwait_backlash is stupid - Why the Globalization...

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Why the Globalization Backlash is Stupid By John Micklethwait and Adrian Wooldridge 7 myths surrounding globalization are deconstructed with hopes of erasing the negativity surrounding it #1. “ Globalization means the triumph of giant companies Author’s take: nonsense You no longer have to be a multinational corporation to have the reach of one, due to some effects of globalization that includes an increase in the ease of raising capital (due to lower barriers), buying new technology, and acquiring a relationship with national governments All this shifts the balance of advantage from preexisting companies to new challengers, which explains how the proportion of output from big companies has declined, not increased There is also an idea that companies are often more important than governments now – also untrue, as most Western governments remain colossal (consuming more than 40% of Western Europe’s GDP, for example), and continually influence corporate behaviour through regularly policies #2. “ Globalization is destroying the environment Author’s take: not really Global companies and global regulators are often blamed for the environmental degradation, while the bulk of damage is being done by local governments, local companies, and local voters All production businesses have always been dirty, but nowadays businesses (and particularly multinational businesses) tend to be better behaved This is because of two realizations: environmental regulations are not so expensive; and dirty factories will lose them consumers
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micklethwait_backlash is stupid - Why the Globalization...

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