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The Long Peace: Elements of Stability in the Postwar International System p .99-120 John Lewis Gaddis Post- World War II system of international relations, was not based on dictates of morality and justice but rather upon an arbitrary and strikingly artificial division of the world into sphere of influence, this survived twice as long as World War I settlement and has no signs of disintegration. Systems Theory and International Stability -No widely accepted theory of the causes of war exists. -Less focus on peace studies, more on causes of war. Not looking at why war hasn’t developed. -International relation operates on a single system- the balance of power system —Until WW2 multi-polar configuration. Currently bipolar system (Russia and the U.S.) -Systems Theory post 1945: An international system exists when 2 conditions are met (p.102): 1) Interconnections exist between units within the system, so that changes in some parts of it produce changes in other parts as well. (Anything that happens can enhance or detract a states immediate interest) 2) The collective behavior of the system as whole differs from the expectations and priorities of the individual units that make it up. - This theory demonstrates how some international systems outlast others by differentiating between stable and unstable political configurations. - Deutsch, Singer define stability as “ the probability that the system retains all of its essential characteristics: that no single nation becomes dominant, that most of its members continue to survive and that large scale war does no occur.” (P.103)
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Thelongpeace-Gaddis - The Long Peace Elements of Stability...

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