Chapter1_Understanding Development(bis)

Chapter1_Understanding Development(bis) - Understanding...

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Understanding Development John Rapley Chapter 1 Development began after WWII QB, IMF, GATT: all institutions created to help rebuild countries and in the case of Europe, an entire continent. theories to help backwards countries began simmering during this time period In those times, development=industrialization=increased income, measured in dollars. Newly independent colonies wanted to develop to better the lives for their citizens, gain respect and dignity that had been denied and suppressed during colonial rule, and most importantly they wanted to consolidate their independence. On the left side of the political spectrum people saw the state as the natural agent of social transformation. However, the end of the post war boom in the late 1970s unveiled the shortcomings of state led development. Namely, the industrial development sought by command economies was consuming too many resources. On the right side of the political spectrum neoclassicals began what became a long attack
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Chapter1_Understanding Development(bis) - Understanding...

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