Chapter1_Understanding Development

Chapter1_Understanding Development - 03:56 D o...

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INTD 200 – Understanding Development - 1 03:56 Development from Second world war     Started after WWII with Marshall plan  o A commonly cited date that marks the beginning of the Development era is  January 20, 1949, when US President Harry S Truman gave his inaugural  address. IBRD which became World Bank It was seen almost exclusively as industrialization o Raise income, getting richer or more prosperous, $ LDCs had 2 reasons hey wanted to develop:     Provide better lives for their citizens Consolidate their independence (dignity) o Transform political equality into economic equality Left wing thinking     Socialists, communists, modern liberals dominated the development sphere  early on View that the state was a necessary player for change, better than market for  its people o Because of war, depression, etc. People believed in Keynesian At first, after independence, it worked, capital and infrastructure But then, slow growth, huge resource consumption, inefficiency.
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Chapter1_Understanding Development - 03:56 D o...

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