ps1 - M 2 RT 3 2 v 2 e-Mv 2 2 RT , nd the most probable...

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Physical Chemistry 263. Prof. Jos´ e A. Gasc´ on Textbook: Atkins 8th Edition. Problem Set 1: Kinetic model. Property of Gases. Due date September 6 2007 Problem 1 Given the distribution of velocities of the molecules in a gas f ( v ): f ( v ) = 4
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Unformatted text preview: M 2 RT 3 2 v 2 e-Mv 2 2 RT , nd the most probable velocity of the molecules. Problems from Atkins Chapter 1. Exercise 1.2(a), Exercise 1.6(a), Exercise 1.10(a), Problem 1.12, and Problem 1.25. 1...
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