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CHEMICAL ENGINEERING THERMODYNAMICS COURSE NO.: CHEG301 STUDENT: ___________________ COURSE: Thermodynamics INSTRUCTOR: Prof. Anderson SUBJECT: Problem Set 11 DUE: Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2007 1. Experimental data for a gaseous mixture of A and B at 300K and over a wide pressure range show that when B is present in great excess, the partial molar volume of A is given by V RT P P =− + 300 10 where V is in cm 3 /mol, P is in atm, and K in degrees K. The symbol stands for infinite dilution. Calculate the fugacity of A at 300K and 100 atm in a mixture containing 1 mole% A and 99 mole% B. 2. At a particular temperature and pressure, the fugacity coefficient of a ternary mixture is given by: ln . . . ϕ m x x x x x x =−+ 02 03 015 12 13 23 Find the fugacity coefficients of each of the species in an equimolar mixture. 3. Limited vapor-liquid equilibrium data have been obtained for a solution of two slightly
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